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Aschenbach’s Mistake

Lately, I’ve not been working on my new novel, Aschenbach’s Mistake, but instead on a longish short story I’ve titled The Great Black Hope, a kind of farce for a e-magazine being spearheaded by a friend of mine, the novelist Keenan Norris. The story concerns a Mars mission. Read it when it comes out; I’ll post a link.

Meanwhile, I did look at Aschenbach tonight and managed not so much to write but to tinker, which is sometimes all one gets. My brain has been occupied with this upcoming trip to Europe, in large part to do some on-the-ground work for the book, and it’s ironically left me with no time to actually write the book. I’m zeroing in on my somewhat frantic and geographically far-flung itinerary. Never having traveled before I’m a bit at sea with all of it.

So meanwhile, for those keeping track, Aschenbach’s Mistake = 50,322 words.

The Dark Matter

The Dark Matter

Reading The Dark Matter section of The Infinite Tides live in Corte Madera with friends Tim Rutili (Califone), Chip Conrad, and Scott Leftridge.

Reading at Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA

Reading at Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA

Photo by Allyson Seconds. L-to-R: Tim Rutili, gtr.; Christian Kiefer, book / gtr; Chip Conrad, drums / percussion / sawblades; Scott Leftridge, bass (and obscured by Chip’s head).

SF Chronicle

Nice reviews of The Infinite Tides continue.  Here’s the write up in today’s San Francisco Chronicle with me looking poetically at the article’s title.  Adrift on Earth?  Yessir.


I had the good fortune of being asked by Powell’s to write something for their Indiespensible blog.  I took the opportunity to explain something of the genesis of The Infinite Tides.  If you’re interested, you can point your browserfinger hereward!  

On Book Trailers

At long last, The Infinite Tides book trailer.  Take a look.  Comes out (officially) in July but you can get a copy starting June 19.


New gig booked (a book gig, not a music gig) in Albuquerque on Aug. 11.  Check the EVENTS tab.  This one, like all the Rocky Mountain dates, is with my dear pal and mega awesome writer lady Pam Houston (and, likely, one of her giant wolf hounds).

Swofford’s Hotel

New news: I booked a reading with Anthony Swofford in June.  I’ll give a brief (very brief) glimmer of The Infinite Tides and then he’ll read from his excellent new memoir while I back him up with his guitar.  Seriously.  It will be great.  Click on over to EVENTS for more info.

Here’s some material on Swofford’s new book: Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails.

Lots more readings / events in the works including (gasp) some music.  Stay tuned.


Played hooky today and it was totally worth it.  Found a double volume hardcover of Diderot’s L’Encyclopedie in Berkeley for $60 which is well worth it–an abridgment, of course, but what you want with the Diderot is the engravings, not necessarily all the text.  Also scored Gass’s On Being Blue, the new edition of the Strugatsky brothers’ Roadside Picnic, Rilke’s The Inner Sky (an interesting new collection), and a couple of things on the free will debate (one by Dennett, one by Searle).  That’s a good day’s worth of hooky-playing.  My children were beasts the whole time but my wife is excellent all the way around and was even more so today.  Go team!  And while we’re at it: so many amazing arts & crafts homes in Berkeley I almost ripped my own head off looking around.  An architectural dream-spot.

2012 SPC Spring Writers Conference

I’m happy to be giving a talk and a reading at this year’s Sacramento Poetry Center Writers Conference.  Information can be found on the SPC website.  In brief, the event is being held on Saturday April 14 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the SPC, 1719 25th Street, Sacramento, CA.  A steal at $30 non-members / $20 for members.  With Michelle Bitting, Tim Kahl, Kate Gale, Steve Gehrke, and Christina Hutchins.  I’ll be talking about setting in literature around 10:30.  Planning on bringing in some work by Stephen Shore, Frank Golkhe, Richard Adams, Faulkner, Flaubert, Barthes, and Philip Levine and having a general discussion on the relationship between self and environment, and extending that into how that manifests itself in literature.  This is something of a preview of a more formal version I’ll be giving at American River College’s SummerWords at the end of May / beginning of June.

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