Silene will rise like smoke

My friend Stefan Colombier in Germany runs a tiny tiny tiny label called Sadnoiss.  We’ve been talking for years now about my recording something for him–something weird and small and short.  For a while the label was called Dauerblumen and I was thinking of doing something about flowers for it–something instrumental perhaps.  But time kept slipping away.

In any case, Stefan got back in contact wit

h me some months ago.  I was midway through the re-recording and mixing of the Presidents project (out this summer) and had been reading too much about our Presidents.  I had been struck, in particular, with the story of Teddy’s son Kermit Roosevelt–a weirdly triumphant and nonetheless tragic tale.

In any case, Kermit’s story became the inspiration for an EP of experimental solo electric guitar pieces–the first such a project I’ve ever done.  I’m quite happy with it and it’s quite effective (at least to me).  We’ve just finalized the cover so I thought it was time to share.  This will be a very, very short run–a few hundred copies at the most–and so if you want one keep watching this space (or the Sadnoiss website) and I’ll keep you on the loop on where you can grab one.  I’ll likely put it out digitally once the physical copies dwindle so it’ll be out that way as well.  Not sure when any of this will happen.  Perhaps in the next month or so.

Check out the Sadnoiss page above too.  It’s in its infancy but they really take some serious time on their releases so they look fantastic.