Four simple but useful tips in playing online lotteries

There are different ways that you can pick your lottery numbers which you believe will be your winning combination come the drawing hours, although mathematically, each combination has the exact same chance of being a winner as any other combinations in each of the draw being held, while there are certain things that you can do to avoid this and gain an advantage.


To help you out boost your winning chances in online lottery, here are some useful tips that will help you play smarter, and these tips will help you play online lotteries with a maximized potential to hit your first major win, whilst you eliminate any chances of sharing your prize with people who can have the same winning combinations as yours.

  • Check the previous results to come up with a viable combination- Although it is pure intuition, there is still a lot of people strongly believes that the results of the latest draw or the draws days before have a number sequence or pattern that will help you put up the numbers that you believe will come out on the next draw. If you want to increase your chances of winning in an online lottery, you have to look at the statistics before you decide in picking your lotto numbers by analyzing the different lottery games around the world.
  • The High-low split- It has been proven that the winning numbers are usually spread across the entire number field from a fifty number game wherein the numbers one to twenty-five would be in the low half, and also, the numbers 26 to 50 would also be in the high half and it is unlikely that all of the high numbers or all of the low numbers can be drawn out which is to ensure that your numbers are picked from both the high half and the low half, you should add up more than 177 to it because you can benefit more if you pick the higher numbers where you will also have a few division of the cash prize considering that there are only a few winners in this.
  • Let your numbers do the hard work-A lot of people who play online lotteries only buy a single ticket that might include you. However, did you know that it is actually more efficient to purchase twenty tickets for a single lottery draw compared to a single ticket for twenty draws? The reason behind it is that having more tickets in a single draw allows you to cover a bigger spread of numbers which also increases your chance of getting a hit and winning the jackpot.
  • Mix odds and even numbers- To get better odds of winning, when you select the numbers, you have to mix the odds and even numbers knowing that an all-odd numbers and an all-even numbers rarely comes out during a draw, you have to mix it all together like three odds and three even numbers to have a better chance of winning the jackpot.

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