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I tell you now: there are no epiphanies.


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Christian Kiefer

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  1. Christina Mantecon (Hayes)

    October 9, 2008 at 3:18 am

    Heard NPR this evening. Two days ago, I packed my poetry books, including yours, to ship to our Northern Michigan cottage.

    I am thrilled to hear where you are–

    Don’t ever touch down.


  2. Dear Christian Kiefer,

    my name is Stefan Schlensag. I work as a lecturer in the Department for Britisch Cultural Studies and Literature at the Universtiy of Dortmund, Germany.

    I wanted to write to you for a long time.

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and wanted to thank you. I had just taken my Phd when I discovered your music and writing. My band had broken up, my girl friend an I split up, I had no job and I no idea how to carry on with what I wanted in life. This is seven years ago.

    I found it especially difficult to balance work and music. Is music only something you can carry out as a hobby while at the same time lecturing, doing research, writing books? People I had been friends with and played music with left me. They left for whatever reason: Families, 9-5 jobs etc. I always thought: but you can still play music while doing other things.

    Most people did not feel that way.

    I started reading yout blog when you wrote your dissertation. I was amazed and thought: Look somebody can do it. Maybe America is different and people there are more flexible, more committed, mor used to fragmented lifestyles and have better networks (Amerika – du hast es besser- said J. W. Goethe), but still…Reading your blog gave me hope and strength in believing in the beauty and power of music and art again – and to work harder.

    I Just wanted to let you know. Please visit my website: shipof If you like, keep in touch. If you forward an address, I will sent you a CD and a singls I have just released with my friend Peter.

    In any case, carry on

    Best regards


    • I don’t even know what to say, Stefan, except thank you so much for this kind note. Don’t give up; keep making art. That’s the only advice I have. Yes do send me your music. I sent you an e-mail separately–send me another note if you don’t receive it

  3. Dear Mr. Kiefer,

    I once ate a Thanksgiving meal at your home in Tipton, Iowa. It was great. I also went to Chicago with you and you showed me dinosaurs (but they were dead). Then you drove me home.

    Your biggest fan,
    L’il Neil Soiseth

  4. Looking through a collection of academic works on C. McCarthy, I noticed, “The Morality of Blood: Examining the Hero in Revisionist Westerns” written back in 97 and was wondering, is that you?

    • Indeed that was my thesis. My dissertation has some McCarthy stuff in it too, some of which was published separately in SW American Lit. You doing something on Cormac?

      • I’m considering it. He’s been a fav of mine since I first encountered his work 7 or 8 years ago but not sure it’ll materialize being a rhet/comp guy. I’m currently on a hiatus from Sac State and toying with the idea of xfering somewhere that’ll let me do a thesis on something (like Cormac) that interests me. I was just surprised to see someone from State do something on McCarthy–14 years ago no less. That’s tight.

  5. I know it was a while ago at this point, but I just wanted to tell you how phenomenal you were with Jandek. That was the most mind blowing performance I have ever seen, thanks in good part to the band. To be on stage and be a part of that, wow.

    • Hey Tim, thanks much for this. It was incredible being up there. The “representative from Corwood” is an intelligent, insightful man and it was a pleasure spending some time with him. Glad you were there. At some point it will come out as a Corwood release but that’s some years off probably.

  6. Not sure if you remember me. We worked together for awhile in Colfax. I cleaned out my desk today and found the CD you’d given to my husband Jeff. I wondered what you are up to.

  7. Just saw the Huffington Post piece and will get the novel this week. I am proposing an article on CA suburbs in lit, deadline tomorrow, and just wondering where the novel is set. Thanks.

  8. I was listening to podcasts while driving to Ukiah and then somehow I lost the podcast and had to switch to radio. To my delight I found this engaging interview where the voice of the guest sounded so familiar. When the announcer called you Christian a voice in my head asked (Christian Keifer?). I don’t know how I suddenly remembered your full name, because if someone had asked me “do you remember that guy you worked with at the video store with a hole in the bottom of his car when you were 14?” I would have said “vaguely”. Anyways, this is exactly who I would have expected you to turn out to be. Well done.

  9. Xian,
    It was a heady experience being up at 6320 feet with that outlaw motorcycle gang at SNC. Had fun chatting w/ and listening to you. Nice to know a new neighbor. Put my dog Roux’s birthday party on your calendar: Feb. 21 – all afternoon and into the evening, come as you are, and bring your damn banjo.
    More news to follow. Film at eleven.
    Michael Paul

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