Lately, I’ve not been working on my new novel, Aschenbach’s Mistake, but instead on a longish short story I’ve titled The Great Black Hope, a kind of farce for a e-magazine being spearheaded by a friend of mine, the novelist Keenan Norris. The story concerns a Mars mission. Read it when it comes out; I’ll post a link.

Meanwhile, I did look at Aschenbach tonight and managed not so much to write but to tinker, which is sometimes all one gets. My brain has been occupied with this upcoming trip to Europe, in large part to do some on-the-ground work for the book, and it’s ironically left me with no time to actually write the book. I’m zeroing in on my somewhat frantic and geographically far-flung itinerary. Never having traveled before I’m a bit at sea with all of it.

So meanwhile, for those keeping track, Aschenbach’s Mistake = 50,322 words.