Happened upon Kinky playing “Mas y Mas” on Guitar Center Sessions.  Damn I liked it.  Alot.  Check it out:

But really why I’m writing you all today is to let you know that after a little hiatus, there are some new readings and such up on the Events page here.  There’s the big Sac Library benefit coming up, for one.  Then there’s a fun mid-week reading in San Francisco with my new friend Panio Gianopoulos.  If you’ve not read his novella A Familiar Beast, you must.  Order it direct from the publisher here (only $10 hardcopy or $5 for Kindle).  Actually, I’ve found that everything Nouvella publishes is worthwhile.  I’d suggest just springing for the book bundle @ $21.  That’s here and it’s well worth the price.  And just so you know, I don’t know these Nouvella people personally at all.  Or rather I don’t know them yet.

The big news is twofold.  One: SummerWords returns to American River College this year.  Last year we brought in Philip Levine as our keynote reader.  This year we’re bringing in my friend and former teacher (and always mentor) T.C. Boyle.  Bonus round is Anthony Swofford and his wife and fellow memoirist Christa Parravani, and a whole host of other writers.  It will be, in a word, badass.

Two: I’ve been invited to teach a bit at the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley, a real honor.  Richard Ford is coming this year, which makes me freak out a little, but in a good way.  Yeah, I get to hang out with T.C. Boyle and Richard Ford during the same summer.  How did I get so lucky as that?

More info on all of this stuff on the EVENTS page.  Next thing I have to tell you will need to wait, but it involves Michael Spurgeon’s amazing book Let the Water Hold Me Down, coming soon…