Played hooky today and it was totally worth it.  Found a double volume hardcover of Diderot’s L’Encyclopedie in Berkeley for $60 which is well worth it–an abridgment, of course, but what you want with the Diderot is the engravings, not necessarily all the text.  Also scored Gass’s On Being Blue, the new edition of the Strugatsky brothers’ Roadside Picnic, Rilke’s The Inner Sky (an interesting new collection), and a couple of things on the free will debate (one by Dennett, one by Searle).  That’s a good day’s worth of hooky-playing.  My children were beasts the whole time but my wife is excellent all the way around and was even more so today.  Go team!  And while we’re at it: so many amazing arts & crafts homes in Berkeley I almost ripped my own head off looking around.  An architectural dream-spot.