I’ve been remiss in much posting.  Truth is, I’m doing more tweeting than anything else these days.  If you’d care to follow, it’s @xiankiefer.  There’s a facebook page too.  If I were smarter about these things I’d have direct clickable links here but I’m not all that.

In more better news, The Infinite Tides, will appear on the 4th of July (officially) from Bloomsbury in the US and in mid-September from Bloomsbury UK.  This is good news.  If you poke around the Internet you’ll find both covers, which are beautiful.  I hope to feed the first chapter or so on this here website in the future but as of yet, you’ll have to wait.   It’ll be worth it, I promise.

Hard at work on the next book, which is something I’ve been working on for nearly a decade in one form or another.  The images won’t leave me alone and so it needs to be properly finished.  I have 9 drafts and am working on number 10.  The Infinite Tides took me 41 drafts to get right. I guess that’s how I’m wired.