It is official.  My novel, The Infinite Tides, is out making the rounds of publishers. Super agent Eleanor Jackson has the reins now and I am trying to have the patience of a zen master.  A dear mentor / famous writer friend wrote a nice blurb about how good the book is, which helps matters a great deal (and is quite the ego boost for yours truly).

Incidentally, if you’ve been paying any attention to the novel writing/editing as it has unfolded here, you might not recognize the new title.  The working title had been Gravity but I’d never been that fond of that as a title.  The clincher was reading that George Clooney and Sandra Bullock have a movie in development called Gravity (about astronauts too).  And so, yes, The Infinite Tides, a title I like a great deal more anyway.  I would have called it The Remains of the Day but Ishiguro took that one.  Ishiguro has all the good titles.

In other news, perhaps related to the above, I’ve been pondering making a new record and have been demoing a few pieces in that direction.  These are somewhere between the slow funk of War, the weird swamp grease of Dr. John’s Gris-Gris, and some kind of minimal folk experiment.  It has a groove to it but is all slow and, I hope, spooky.  Having said that the current song I’ve been working on uses Icelandic poetic eddas as its source material.  Sometimes I wonder what’s going on inside my own mind.  How can one not write a song that starts with the line, “Give rede now, Frigg, as to fare me listeth”?  That’s as good an opening as I’ve ever heard.  (From “The Lay of Vafthruthnir,” the Hollander translation of The Poetic Edda, in case you’re wondering.)

Meanwhile, something I played on a while back is out in the world and it’s worth seeking.  Jefferson Pitcher’s fine minimal ambient acoustic project, Now the Deer, is out on tapedrift and is excellent.  If you much enjoy Eno’s Music for Airports or the Mori/Frith/Hideki project Death Ambient I’d wager you’ll enjoy this one too.  Click on to Tape Drift to order a copy.  Each CD is packaged with a unique photo taken by Pitcher in N. Africa.  Bad ass.