Awesome angry rant from someone on the Phoenix New Times website in response to a column on the worst band names at SXSW this year (including 43 Songs for 43 Presidents):

Terrance Becker says:

Your column is spot-on. Niki D’Andrea’s column is great and accurate!! 43 songs about 43 presidents was boring as hell and was the low point of this year’s SXSW! Spot on Nikki!! Christian Kiefer has an oeuvre that includes such pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, and banal works as an instrumental album about Russia’s Czar Nicholas and other CD’s that include some of the most pretentious song writing I’ve ever heard. This guy seems obsessed with acting superior to others, mentioning that he has a PhD and slamming the other bands at SXSW. I’m sorry I wasted my time, when I could have seen so many other great bands. The guests were much better than Kiefer, but it would have taken at least 43 guests to save this guys set! Nikki, you rock!!! By the way the band Kiefer kept slamming from the UK plays circles around him!!

Funny thing is that I think this guy is likely talking about some other set he saw.  We didn’t have any guests at SXSW and I don’t recall talking about any UK band, nor did I slam any other bands at SXSW.  It would be awesome anyway but now it’s extra awesome.